Our Services

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Leave all the hard work with us. While we handle them, You can focus on your next projects.

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Take all of the necessary steps to success before you distribute your next release. Whether you need feedback, licensing, or mastering, we’ve got you covered.

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With our support, you can reach your songs to local and international audiences and gain more popularity

Services List

  • Label Reporting
  • Music Video Distribution
  • Music Publishing & Administration
  • Automated Split Money Sharing not limited to only collaborators
  • Weekly In-depth Advanced Analytics
  • Instant Spotify for artists verification
  • Advance rights management tools empowering to select block, monetize or track for YouTube, Facebook & Instagram.
  • LK ISRC Codes and International ISRC Codes
  • CRBT SERVICE INDIA ( Bharti Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, BSNL (OnMobile), BSNL (IMI), MTNL, Jio Tunes)
  • YouTube Conflicts and copyright claims management
  • Direct playlist & shoutout pitches to Major Digital Service Providers
  • C/P lines & label name customization
  • Account User Management (Add more users to your account with several permissions to manage your account)
  • Custom Pre Saves Links


Who can use Aryans Music distribution?

Our distribution service is available to Singers, Rappers, Music Producers or an Independent Labels

How do I get started?

We strive to provide our creators with the highest quality of service possible, You can Join US  here.

Please note that multiple submissions will not be considered; please only submit one application. We will only reach out if accepted.

Can I distribute under "Aryans Music" Label

Contact us first. If you are eligible you can release your songs under our Label (Aryans Music).

Can I start my own Label for my releases?

You of course, You can create your own label  release songs.

Can I release songs, videos on my own YouTube channel? What about content ID?

Yes, you can publish your content on your own channel without a problem. 

If you have a monetize enabled YouTube channel we can add your channel as white listed.

What is the "Premium Distribution Plan For Artists"

This is a exclusive service specially designed for induvial Artists, You can use your own dashboard. You can upload unlimited tracks and videos to premium stores (charging only $20 for a year). 

You can find out more details Here

Do you provide ISRC / UPC codes?

Yes we do. UPC/ISRC codes are provided for free and you can use your own if you prefer. Also we provide LK ISRC codes too (for this service you have to contact us first)

What are the stores and Distribution Network?

We working with over 200 stores/partners including Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Beatport, iTunes, Amazon, Soundcloud, JioSaavn, WYNK, Gaana, Hungama and many more.

We also provide CRBT service for India (Bharti Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, BSNL (OnMobile), BSNL (IMI), MTNL, Jio Tunes)

Do you provide Content ID for our catalogs?

Yes of cause, We do. You can distribute your releases through Aryans Music and get free Content-ID for your releases. And you have 100% control to choose which policy you want to use including YouTube, Facebook & Instagram.

What about my content ownership?

You have 100% rights and full ownership and control over your contents.

How much do you charge?

Everything free. As a service fee, we only take 15% from your revenue based on your monthly earnings.

Can I split my revenue with contributors?

Yes. When you using Aryans Music as distribution partner, you able to share your revenue with collaborators & with any person not limited to only collaborators. And you don't need to pay for your collaborators, we have full automated and transparent online system. So you don't need to worry about payments.

Do you provide daily reports?

Yes, we do. you able to get reports daily basics and including monthly statements.

How I withdraw my Money?

Very easy. You can withdraw your revenue through PayPal or Direct Bank deposits.

What if I have more questions?

Please send us a message from here Contact US

Is your service only for Sri Lankans?

No, you can avail our services from any country in the world.

Currently, people from Sri Lanka as well as India, Bangladesh, Australia and many other countries are availing our service.